3D Printing for Architects - X1E Combo 3D Printer + Course + Launch + Filament


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    Bundle for Architects who want to start using 3D printing


    X1E Combo 3D Printer (with AMS) (X1E has strong air filtration (HEPA filter), heated chamber, higher nozzle temperature, and Ethernet + WPA2-Enterprise WiFi)

    Bambu Lab Launch packet: Setup & 2 hours guidance ( exclusive travel costs)

    3D Printing for Architects - 3 Online Courses: Tutorial, Materials, Slicing in Bambu Studio

    PLA Matte ( with Spool, Ivory White)

    PLA Matte (with Spool, Latte Brown)

    PLA Matte (With Spool, Ash Grey)

    PLA Matte (With Spool, Dark Green)