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Maintenance Service Per Bambu Lab 3D printer, excl. travel cost, excl. materials

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At FabLab Factory, authorised Bambu Lab dealer, we understand that the longevity and optimal performance of your 3D printers is vital to your success. That's why we're proud to offer top-tier maintenance services tailored to your unique needs.

Why Is Periodic Maintenance So Important?

Regular maintenance is more than just a precaution; it's a fundamental part of keeping your machinery running smoothly and efficiently. By scheduling 1 or more maintenance services per year with our expert technicians, you can enjoy these key benefits:

  1. Prevent Unexpected Breakdowns: Regular inspections allow us to identify and address potential issues before they become costly problems.
  2. Extend Equipment Lifespan: Proper care and timely servicing can significantly increase the longevity of your equipment, protecting your investment.
  3. Enhance Performance: Routine maintenance ensures that your machinery continues to operate at peak efficiency, saving you time and resources.
  4. Compliance and Safety: Meeting regulatory requirements and maintaining safety standards is easier when your equipment is in top condition.

Our experienced team is committed to providing maintenance solutions that are both cost-effective and aligned with your specific operational demands. With our maintenance program, you'll gain peace of mind knowing that your equipment is in capable hands.

Don't wait for a breakdown to realize the importance of regular maintenance. Invest in the future of your business and allow us to be your trusted partner in ensuring that your equipment stays in optimal condition.

Based on your usage intensity, we have designed 4 tiers of maintenance contracts to suit your specific needs.

  • Small Level: Ideal for those using up to 10 filament spools per year, this level provides 1 maintenance service annually. It's a perfect fit for lighter use.

  • Medium Level: Recommended for users consuming a maximum of 25 filament spools per year, this option provides more comprehensive support.

  • Large Level: If your usage reaches up to 50 filament spools per year, the Large Level is your tailored solution for maintaining peak performance.

  • Extra Large Level: For those requiring maximum support, using up to 100 filament spools per year, our Extra Large Level offers the most extensive care and attention.

Choose the level that aligns with your consumption, and rest assured that our tailored maintenance services will keep your equipment running smoothly. Whether you need minimal or extensive support, we have a plan that fits your requirements.

Included in each maintenance: 

  • Replacement of activated charcoal filter, filament cutter, silicone sock, nozzle wiper, PTFE tube and desiccant packs.
  • Cleaning of all fans and extruder gear with compressed air
  • Cleaning with IPA of the camera and LIDAR. 
  • Cleaning of carbon rods
  • Lubrication and greasing when needed

Excluded in each maintenance:  transport costs (€0.75/km excl. VAT) and materials.