Bambu Dual-Sided Smooth PEI Plate

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Compatibility: X1 Series & P1 Series

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Internal Reference: FAP010


The Bambu Dual-Sided Smooth PEI Plate is not compatible with the Bambu Lab A1 due to the strict requirements regarding the plate thickness.

If bubbles appear on the bottom of the sheet, heating it on the heatbed at a temperature of no less than 80 degrees for several hours can be helpful in eliminating the bubbles. 

Deposition of dust and grease on the build plate decrease adhesion. It is recommended to regularly clean the surface with detergent and water to to maintain best adhesion.

Do not clean the Smooth PEI with Acetone, as it will damage the PEI surface.

Always wait for a few minutes before removing printed models to allow the plate to cool down for easy print removal. This prevents damage to the plate and ensures a long lifetime of the product. 

Carefully sanding the surface with fine-grit (600 was recommended) sandpaper can help restore adhesion. 

The Smooth PEI plate is considered a consumable part, which will degrade over time. The warranty will only cover manufacturing defects, not cosmetic damage like scratches, dents, or cracks. Defective sheets upon arrival are the only ones covered by the warranty. 


High Z-axis precision printing

The use of a Smooth PEI Plate contributes to improved Z-axis precision during the printing process, ensuring greater accuracy and consistency in the vertical dimension. These qualities make the Smooth PEI Plate an excellent choice for printing parts that demand a high level of fit accuracy, where precise alignment and tight tolerances are crucial.

Smooth and Matte surface finish

The use of a specially selected matte PEI sheet can impart a smooth and matte texture to the bottom surface of the printed object, enhancing its overall appearance

Compatibility with various filaments, especially for PLA

PEI enables printing not only with common materials such as PLA, TPU, PETG and PVA. Note: Please apply liquid glue or a glue stick to prevent the sheet from tearing if print filament other than PLA

Prevent warping with reliable magnetic adhesion

The Bambu Smooth PEI Plate features a 0.5mm thick spring steel plate that enhances magnetic adhesion. This helps to prevent warping and ensure optimal print quality during 3D printing. It also helps when printing larger models in materials that are prone to warping like ABS, PC, and Nylon.

Installation Steps

Step 1: Align the plate with the fixed points of the platform with the name of the plate facing you

Step 2: Lower the plate and secure to the magnetic platform